Haunting and beautiful...the songs are a cut above most… very well thought out and put together.” - Steve Lemcke

— Burlington Free Press

Deliciously rootsy … as meaningful as it is melodic.” - Bob Makin

— The Courier News

This man can really sing! The songs are carefully crafted and range from pop/folk anthems to a number of masterful love ballads.” - Robert Resnik

— Seven Days Vermont

The Changing is one of the finest bodies of work I've heard in years.” - Angelo Agosta

— WNTI Radio

One of the top 5 Vermont CDs of 2001.”

— Seven Days Vermont


Perhaps the most beautiful sounding album of the year … poetic lyrics, hauntingly beautiful melodies, while also getting down right funky at times.”

— The Daily Record

Dance is an outstanding album that is sure to propel Fitzsimmons into greater national recognition. I hope it does because these songs deserve to be heard, by many people, over and over again.”

— Folk Wax

Fitzsimmons’ second solo outing balances pop gems with more melancholy ballads that are both pointed and poignant.”

— Seven Days Vermont