Hope Is (2012)

Hope_Is_Cover_100x100__100x93_.jpg  The upbeat, soulful and inspired sixth CD from this award winning Vermont based singer/songwriter who has been called "One of the most captivating songwriters around today"



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So Beautiful So Blue (2008)

sbsb-cover.jpg"Wide eyed and heartfelt, his music ably and honestly recalls a simpler period of American pop music. It is retro in the finest, and blissfully unironic, sense of the word." Seven Days Vermont


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Live: The Birthday Shows (2006)

LIVE_CD-no-year.jpg“Patrick has such a melodic gift and such a crystal clear voice it's hard to believe he was originally known as the drummer with From Good Homes. With this CD, he's definitely found his calling as a singer-songwriter of the first rank.” John Platt, WFUV Radio


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Color in the Dark (2004)

colorinthedark_cd.jpg“Color in the Dark is a collection of well crafted, well thought-out and emotionally heartfelt compositions from a tried and true artist. Patrick Fitzsimmons is a guy with a lot of pure emotion that comes straight from the gut. In today's world of 'anything goes' music, an artist like this is uncommon and a great treasure." Writers in the Raw

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Dance (2002)

dance_cd.jpg“Perhaps the most beautiful sounding album of the year … poetic lyrics, hauntingly beautiful melodies, while also getting down right funky at times.” The Daily Record

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The Changing (2001)

changing_cd.jpg"This man can really sing! The songs are carefully crafted and range from pop/folk anthems to a number of masterful love ballads." Robert Resnik, Seven Days Vermont

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"You've Got a Friend"            Cover Tunes of Support and Encouragement                           (free downloads) 

As part of my Facebook Live Series, "Cover Tune Tuesday" these songs were in the episode entitled  
"You've got a Friend: Songs of support encouragement" I did on 1/26/21. The days following that live performance I decided to record these songs at my kitchen table with my iphone and a little help from my cheapo/cheesy  drum machine on a couple tunes.  
I really like this batch of tunes and personally find them comforting in these very trying times. Maybe you will to. 

We'll Make It Through A great new Ray LaMonatgne song so relevant these days 1.9 MB
You've Got a Friend The classic Carol King song 1.99 MB
Grandma's Hands Killer tune by the incomparable Bill Withers 1.08 MB
To Ramona One of my favorite Dylan tunes 1.95 MB
Everybody Hurts The title says it all in this great REM song 2.01 MB